Thank you for checking out my website!!! I would like to thank all of my friends that I have met at concerts, online and in person that support me. You guys mean the world to me!!!


Please click on the links to my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and follow, friend, sub, add, etc.


Check back here often for the latest news, pics and videos and find out when and where I will be playing next.


Campbellsburg Country Hoedown

Campbellsburg, IN

Friday, May 31st



Looking for more places to play. If you know of any fairs, festivals, benefits, contests, parties or whatever that are looking for someone to play and sing let me know at =)



I had a great time in Florida Thanksgiving weekend and also at Nashville in December. Already starting to book for this summer.



I am always looking for places to play, so if you know of any sort of event that I may be able to play at, then please email me at with info. =)







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